Abdullah Yateem

Newspaper Articles

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”Manama, An Arab City: A Critique of the New Orientalism”,
Al-Ayam, Newspaper, A Series of Six Parts, 22-27, 2013. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Shiʿa Fundamentalism in Bahrain: Who Dares to Criticize it?”,
Al-Ayam, Newspaper, Bahrain, 18-19 August, 2013. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Poisoning Academic Writing on Bahrain”,
Al-Ayam, Newspaper, Bahrain, 16-17 Oct., 2011. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Notables from Bahrain: A Return to Social Roots”,
Al-Ayam, Newspaper, Bahrain, 19-22 June, 2011. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Bahrain February 2011’s Crisis: In Search for Social Roots”,
Al-Ayam, Newspaper, Bahrain, 2-4 May, 2011. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Pierre Bourdieu: The Anthropologist”,
, Newspaper, Bahrain, Nov. 26, 2011. (In Arabic, Bahrain)