Abdullah Yateem

Book Reviews

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“When the Arab Gulf Elites Created its Contemporary History”, Review Article of Abdulla Al-Madani, The Elites of the Arab Gulf, Al-Wathiqa, 2016, Vol. 33, No. 2, pp. 233-244. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Shiʿa Fundamentalism in Bahrain: Who Dares to Criticize it?: Critical Review of Nader Kadhim’s Book, Save the Hope: The Long Way to the Arab Spring and Ali Ahmed Al-Dari’s Book, Outside the Sect“,
Al-Ayam, Newspaper, Bahrain, Issue No. 8896-8897, 18-19 August, 2013. (In Arabic, Bahrain)

“Review of Lois Beck, Nomad: A Year in the Life of a Qashaq’i Tribesman in Iran,
I. B. Tauris: London, 1991″, In al-Mathurat al-Shaebiyyah, 1994, Vol. 9, No. 33, 7-9. (In English & Arabic, Qatar)

“Review of Claude Levi-Strauss and Didier Eribon, Conversation with Claude Levi-Strauss, University of Chicago Press: Chicago & London, 1991″, In The Arab Journal for Humanities, 1993, Vol. 11, No. 42, 290-296. (In Arabic, Kuwait University)

“Review of Abdullah Abdulrahman, The Emirates in the Memory of its People (Vol. I & II)”, Journal of Social Affairs, 1993, Vol.  9, No. 25. (In Arabic, Emirates)

“Review of Imbarak al-U’mari, Muhammad bin Faris: The Celebrated Singer of al-Sut in the Arabian Gulf“, In al-Mathurat al-Shaebiyyah, 1992, Vol.  7, No. 25. (In Arabic, Qatar)

“Review of Faud Hamdi Besaso, Developmental Cooperation amongst the Countries of the Arab Gulf Council“, In Journal of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies, 1986, Vol. 12, No. 47. (In Arabic, Kuwait)